Oak Wheels Bowl
Oak Wheels Bowl
Oak Wheels Bowl
Oak Wheels Bowl

Oak Wheels Bowl

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The Oak Wheels bowl shape is a not only looking amazing it really raises the level of fingerboard bowl wheels. With a diameter of 8,5mm (0.33inch) and a width of 5mm (0.20inch) these heavier, biggger wheels will improve stability and control during your bowl session.

Made in Portugal, Oak Wheels have one bearing per wheel and are made of a special urethane compound. Skateboard wheels are also made of this material. Due to the material, the wheels have more grip, but still roll smoothly, which gives the Oaks their famous 'mucho feeling'.

Oak Wheels are designed for professional trucks. They fit perfectly on Blackriver Trucks and Dynamic Trucks.

One set consists of 4 Oak Wheels Bowl*
+ Sticker Sheet

* Please choose the color of your wheels above.

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