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FBS Spacer

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With FBS Spacers you can ride single bearing wheels such as Oak Wheels or Blackriver Wheels on your Ytrucks, which are designed for wheels with 2 ball bearings (dual bearing wheels). Ytrucks have a longer axle than for example Blackriver Trucks or Dynamic Trucks.

The problem:
Your single bearing wheels slip back and forth on the axle and therefore don't roll perfectly.

The solution:
FBS Spacers. They replace the 2nd bearing and you can ride single bearing wheels on your Ytrucks without any problems.

FBS Spacers can be used with Blackriver Trucks, Dynamic Trucks and Ytrucks.

FBS Spacers are machined from stainless steel. To use the spacers, simply place them on the axle of your trucks and slowly press them down with your wheel.

*On Blackriver & Dynamic trucks, locknuts cannot be fully tightened because the axle is shorter than on trucks.

4x FBS Spacers

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