FBS Extra Suave High_Tide
FBS Extra Suave High_Tide
FBS Extra Suave High_Tide

FBS Extra Suave High_Tide

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FBS Tape is one of the most popular and most used tapes in the fingerboard scene. Developed in 2008, the unique material blend remains unchanged to this day. A grippy, broken-in feel right out of the package makes FBS Extra Smooth so popular and the more you use it, the better it gets.
High_Tide is the first design that will be permanently available at Fingerboardstore. This graphic is laser engraved and cut. The cut out FBS letters are 18mm wide and 6mm high. Due to the engraved wave-like pattern, this tape has more grip than regular FBS Tape.

Each sheet is is 110mm long, 38mm wide and 1mm thin.

What does Extra Suave mean?
FBS Tape Extra Suave is what we call our laser engraved FBS Tape. 'Extra suave' is Portuguese and translates to 'Extra Smooth'. The name was created during a Pateo session in Porto. The difference to the regular FBS Extra Smooth is the engraved design. It makes the tape even smoother and give it some extra grip.

Pro Tip:
Before you use your tape for the first time, you should clean it with a sticker or some tape (e.g. painter's tape or parcel tape). First stick the tape on your board and then clean it.

2 or 10 sheets of FBS Tape Extra Suave High_Tide*.

* Please select the quantity above.

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