29mm Blackriver Trucks 3.0
29mm Blackriver Trucks 3.0

29mm Blackriver Trucks 3.0

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Blackriver has developed the first professional trucks in fingerboard history. The realistic design makes Blackriver trucks hard to distinguish from their big brother, the skateboard trucks. The look and feel are unique and thanks to different bushings you can tune your Blackriver Trucks the way you always wanted.

The original improved and revamped. The Blackriver Trucks 3.0 have an improved steel kingpin, reinforced lock nuts and a thicker, reinforced baseplate with the Blackriver logo.

Blackriver trucks are designed to be used with professional fingerboard wheels. All wheels you can order at FBS work perfectly with Blackriver Trucks. For example Oak Wheels, FlatFace Wheels, ill Pills and Blackriver Wheels.

2x 29mm Blackriver Trucks 3.0 silver/silver with
6 lock nuts, 4 bushings and 2 washers (ready mounted)
+ 8 screws
+ 1 Blackriver Tool

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