Berlinwood 'Hooligan Pro 2023'
Berlinwood 'Hooligan Pro 2023'
Berlinwood 'Hooligan Pro 2023'
Berlinwood 'Hooligan Pro 2023'
Berlinwood 'Hooligan Pro 2023'

Berlinwood 'Hooligan Pro 2023'

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The latest Pro Model fingerboard for Olli "Fingerboard Hooligan" Blankenburg.
In 2002 Timo Lieben founded Berlinwood and produced the first wooden fingerboards which changed fingerboarding forever. Until today Berlinwood is one of the core brands of the fingerboard scene, which we don't want to miss. Berlinwood Fingerboards are 100% made in Germany.

All Berlinwoods are made of 5 layers of veneer (5Ply), are 98mm long and like a skateboard, the nose is slightly longer compared to the tail.

Classic Shape
Medium Concave, medium Kicks

Low Shape
Low Concave, medium Kicks

These two shapes are available in up to 3 different widths. In total there are the following 5 combinations*:
29mm Classic Shape
32mm Wide Low
32mm Wide
33.3mm X-Wide Low
33.3mm X-Wide

* Would you like this graphic in a combination not available at FBS? You can simply send us an email via the contact form "Do you have more questions?“ right here. ⬇️

1x Berlinwood Fingerboard* (Graphic: Hooligan Pro 2023)
1 sheet of riptape with Berlinwood logo

* Please select the shape and width of your deck above.

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