FBS Box 2.0
FBS Box 2.0
FBS Box 2.0
FBS Box 2.0

FBS Box 2.0

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The FBS box is 4 cm (1.57 inch) wide and 9,8 cm (3.86 inch) long and fits perfectly in your pocket. The sliding lid closes the box and does not slip. Never again search for wheels, bushings or other small parts in plastic bags!

Thanks to feedback from the community, the FBS Box 2.0 now comes with a transparent sliding lid so you can see everything at a glimpse.

The boxes are empty and come without the pictured tuning parts.

The FBS boxes can be stacked and clicked together. The new 2.0 version can be clicked onto older FBS boxes.

FBS Box 2.0 (without content) with sliding lid
+ sticker

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