FlatFace Fingerboards 33.6mm
FlatFace Fingerboards 33.6mm
FlatFace Fingerboards 33.6mm
FlatFace Fingerboards 33.6mm

FlatFace Fingerboards 33.6mm

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FlatFace belongs to one of the most innovative fingerboard companies worldwide. FlatFace Fingerboards are the product of almost twenty years of deck making by professional fingerboarder Mike Schneider. Numerous shapes, materials, and production methods have been tested over the years to produce the best performing fingerboard possible.

The latest generation is the G15 deck, which is based off the super popular G14 shape and improved even more. The design has been changed for a slightly longer wheelbase and shorter kicks, giving you more pop, control, and better feeling. The nose is slightly higher than the tail, exactly like a skateboard. Each FlatFace Fingerboard is made of carefully selected, rock solid woods. Colored plies are vibrantly dyed all the way through for a crisp look. Each deck is lacquered with a special method, solidifying the wood and adding pop and durability, as well as a vibrant shine.

The G15.12 is the low concave variation of the G15 deck. It has the same low concave as the FlatFace G12 decks, hence the name G15.12.

FlatFace Fingerboards
Length: 99mm
Width: 33,6mm
Ply options: 5Ply

G15 = Medium Concave
G15.12 = Low Concave

1x FlatFace Fingerboard 33.6mm*
+ stickers

* Please select the shape of your deck above.
Color selection is random.
However, on the shopping cart page is a box for an order note. Feel free to leave a comment there with your preferred colors for the bottom ply.

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