Kinkalla x FBS
Kinkalla x FBS
Kinkalla x FBS
Kinkalla x FBS
Kinkalla x FBS

Kinkalla x FBS

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After 15 years of FBS, the first collabo deck is finally here. Why did it take so long?

I have tested many different molds and shapes from various brands and rarely have I been so thrilled with a fingerboard. Since 2022 I always have a 34mm Kinkalla KINK TRASHED (previously called X-9 K-6) with me and it is usually my main setup.

Kinkalla's KINK Mold is something you rarely see in the fingerboard scene. The nose and tail have a slight concave that gives you more control and pop on some of your favorite tricks. Some flip tricks are almost too easy.

The TRASHED shape is a 34 x 95 mm popsicle with a slightly shortened wheelbase. The bottom ply is laser engraved and hand painted. The 5 layers of veneer match the colors of the design: natural (bottom ply), red, green, yellow and blue (top ply).

Handmade in Spain with true passion for detail.
Thank you Alex for this collabo!

Kinkalla x FBS
Length: 95mm
Width: 34mm
Ply options: 5Ply
Medium Concave + Concave in Nose and Tail.

1x Kinkalla x FBS Fingerboard
1 sheet KNK tape
+ stickers

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