Street 70D Flower Green
Street 70D Flower Green
Street 70D Flower Green
Street 70D Flower Green

Street 70D Flower Green

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The brand new Ill Pills Wheels with graphics are finally here!

FBS is currently the only store worldwide that carries the first graphic series from Ill Pills. The familiar street shape of Ill Pills in 70D Urethane printed with incredibly detailed graphics. Each set of Ill Pills consist of 5 (!) wheels with ABEC 9 ball bearings. Ill Pills Street Wheels have a diameter of 7.8 mm and are thus almost as large as Oak Wheels RV2 (7.9 mm).

What is the difference between 70D urethane and resin? You can find more details about the two materials in the info box. ⬇️

Ill Pills 70D premium urethane have more grip, but not quite as much as Oak Wheels. On a scale of 1 to 10 (no grip to super grippy) Ill Pills 70D have a 6/10 and Oak Wheels have a 9/10. If you feel like Oak Wheels have too much grip and plastic wheels are just too slippery, Ill Pills 70D might be just the thing for you. The white 70D material is not snow white, but slightly cream colored, making the wheels look even more like skateboard wheels.

Ill Pills are the first resin fingerboard wheels I've heard of. In terms of grip, they are the exact opposite of urethane wheels. They are relatively slippery and more like Blackriver Wheels and some FlatFace Wheels (e.g. G4 Crystal Clear) in terms of grip. On our scale from 1 to 10, Ill Pills Resin have a 2/10 while Blackriver Wheels have slightly more grip (3/10). Due to the material, the wheels make a higher pitched squeaky noise, which is ok on most surfaces. Since hardly anyone does powerslides all day, this is not a big problem. However, if you only ride on granite, the noise could get a bit annoying in the long run.

One set consists of 5 Ill Pills Wheels Street 70D Flower Green.
(Latest version with ABEC 9 ball bearings)

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