FlatFace G4-D White Wheels
FlatFace G4-D White Wheels
FlatFace G4-D White Wheels

FlatFace G4-D White Wheels

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FlatFace G4 Wheels are the very popular larger sized bearing wheels, originally designed by Mike Schneider in 2007.
Due to their popularity, the shape is unchanged to this day. The back of the G4 Wheels has now been optimized for professional trucks. G4 Wheels are wider and taller than other Flatface Wheels, changing the feeling and pop of your board. They are 5.1 mm wide with a diameter of 7.65 mm.

The proprietary wheel materials FlatFace Wheels are made of favor the highest trick performance, with a strong balance on both feeling and durability. Enjoy the ultra smooth feeling of the brand new FlatFace G8 Wheels. Made with high precision machinery in the USA, designed by professional fingerboarder Mike Schneider. The G4-D wheels are made of the most popular FlatFace material, the ultra smooth white D material. Great on all surfaces, very durable and versatile.

FlatFace Wheels are designed for professional trucks. They fit perfectly on Blackriver Trucks and Dynamic Trucks.

One set consists of 4 FlatFace G4-D White Wheels.

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